You can now agree and legally finalise a fair divorce property settlement in just a few weeks. And because starting is the hardest part, we’ve made that step fast and free.

It’s hard to know what’s fair, have difficult conversations and ’negotiate’ with your ex. So hard that the majority of separating Australians take 1-3 years to finalise their divorce property settlement. Make a start now and let the Adieu system handle this for you.

Get started for free

Get to a fair agreement really quickly by using our consensus accelerator

Knowing what fair looks like changes everything. Our CONCUR ENGINE uses artificial intelligence and input from human lawyers to enable you to come to agreements in timeframes that have never been possible before.

Real-time feedback keeps the conversation moving in the right direction and enables you to find a solution that you can both have confidence in.

Learn more about how you can use our CONCUR ENGINE as part of the Adieu system.

Find clarity through a plan specific to you

Don’t spend months or years sending letters to each other through lawyers. We’ll lay out simple steps to take you from here to a fair, legally finalised divorce property settlement with court-sanctioned consent orders.

You'll find that having a clear process and timeline makes all the difference. And you'll probably be surprised at just how quickly you can get everything resolved.

Start making progress immediately

Most of the time it takes couples to get to a divorce property settlement is spent waiting for lawyers or each other in outdated 18th century processes. We'll give you access to everything you need to start moving forward immediately. All from the device in your pocket.

You can invite your ex-partner into the process when the time is right. And if they choose not to participate, you don't have to pay anything at all.

From wherever you're most comfortable

The Adieu system is low-confrontation. It can be done from your couch, desk, or anywhere else in the world that you feel comfortable. We just beam you in on your device of choice using cutting-edge video technology.

No court rooms, lawyers offices or parking tickets. What a relief.

The first step is the hardest. But you can get it done in the next 30 seconds.