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    Make a start on your own with the world’s first separation and divorce robot.

    For those who just need some basic guidance

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    For everyone
  • Chat to Lumi
  • Confidential conversation about your situation
  • Shared plan to work through together
  • Guidance and resources for each step

  • Financial settlement Find what's best for both of you using intelligent technology and expert human support.

    For amicable couples who'd like to work with human experts to finalise things

  • $4,950

    Per partner
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  • Everything facilitated by an unbiased, independent expert who works with both of you
  • Legal advice from 3 specialist family lawyers
  • Mutually agreed plan and timeline
  • Intelligent tools to explore options with real-time feedback
  • Facilitated joint and individual financial settlement sessions on a large touchscreen
  • Orders drafted by lawyer and submitted to the court
  • Available through in-person & video-based options

  • Parenting & Financial settlement Be guided through an agreement on how you'll care for children going forward and do a financial settlement.

    For amicable couples with kids who'd like to work with human experts to finalise things

  • $6,500

    Per partner
  • Start now
  • Everything in financial settlement +
  • Parenting session with an unbiased expert in child-focused mediation
  • Parenting plan drafted and signed
  • Available through in-person & video-based options

What do I have to pay upfront?

It's important to us to keep adieu affordable, so for our paid options you each only pay $250 up front. You then pay for each part of the process as you do it, and can choose to stop at any time with no further obligation. The initial payment of $250 covers the plan and timeline and then you'll each pay $2,850 for the financial agreement and $1,850 to legally finalise everything. If you're also sorting out parenting, you also pay $1,550 for the parenting session and signed parenting document.

Is the price for each person?

Yes, we find it helpful to talk about the commitment individually. Having said this, we do sometimes have one person in the couple volunteer to pay for both parties.

What does the price cover?

The price covers everything you need for the adieu process itself, including lawyers and an independent mediator. You'll also need to pay the court fees for an application for consent orders and - if needed - an application for divorce.

What else will I need to do?

You shouldn't need to do anything further in terms of your separation and divorce, as we designed adieu to be all-inclusive. There may be things in your agreement however that will have a cost to do. These could be anything from paying a lawyer to help you transfer the title of a property or redraft your will, to the costs of having a real estate agent help you sell a property, or having an accountant help you restructure a business.

What exactly do I get?

You get an unbiased expert to guide you both through the entire process who is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and registered as a Family Resolution Dispute Practitioner with the Attorney-General's Department. They will run the individual and joint sessions needed to guide you to an amicable outcome. You'll also get legal advice from specialist family lawyers about where you stand in regards to the law. Your agreement will be formalised by a lawyer and submitted to the court for approval. We'll also help you with the divorce application itself, but it's easiest for you to do this yourself online.

Is this legally binding?

Yes. Your agreement will be written up by a lawyer and submitted to the court. If you have children, you will create a parenting plan, which is not legally binding, but you will have the option to have this submitted as an application for parenting orders at no additional cost.

What if we can't agree?

Couples sometimes need to have multiple mediation sessions before they can come to an agreement. We allow for an additional session at no further cost and if you need more than this, we can provide them for a small cost. If you're unable to agree and decide that you'd rather go to court, you can stop the process at any time and will not be required to pay anything further.