• $490

  • Deposit

    Due up front

  • $750

  • Parenting agreement

    Optional for those with children

  • $4,500

  • Financial agreement, drafting & court submission

    Not due until settlement

This includes everything you need to get to an agreement and legally finalise it: an impartial mediator, independent legal advice and your agreements drafted by a lawyer for submission to the court.

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What do I have to pay upfront?

It's important to us to keep Adieu Assist affordable, so we only ask you to pay $490 up front. If you'll have access to funds only after you've completed your settlement, we're happy to wait until then before asking for your fees. Otherwise, you can also pay as you go in smaller amounts to keep things manageable.

Is the price for each person?

Yes, we find it helpful to talk about the commitment individually. Having said this, we do sometimes have one person in the couple volunteer to pay for both parties.

What does the price cover?

The price covers everything you need for the adieu process itself, including lawyers and an independent mediator. You'll also need to pay the court filing fees for an application for consent orders and - if you were married - an application for divorce.

What else will I need to do?

You shouldn't need to do anything further in terms of your separation and divorce, as we designed adieu to be all-inclusive. If you can't agree on the value of something, you may need to pay a valuer to help you. There may also be things in your agreement that will have a cost to do. These could be anything from paying a lawyer to help you transfer the title of a property or redraft your will, to the costs of having a real estate agent help you sell a property, or having an accountant help you restructure a business.

What exactly do I get?

You get an unbiased expert to guide you both through the entire process who is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and registered as a Family Resolution Dispute Practitioner with the Attorney-General's Department. They will run the individual and joint sessions needed to guide you to an amicable outcome. You'll also get legal advice from specialist family lawyers about where you stand in regards to the law. Your agreement will be formalised by a lawyer and submitted to the court for approval. If you were married, we'll also take care of the divorce application for you.

Is this legally binding?

Yes. Your agreement will be written up by a lawyer and submitted to the court as an application for consent orders. This has the same legal authority as if a judge had heard your case and made an order. If you have children, you will create a parenting plan, which is not legally binding, but you will have the option to have this submitted as an application for parenting orders at no additional cost.

What if we can't agree?

Couples sometimes need to have multiple mediation sessions before they can come to an agreement. We allow for an additional session at no further cost and if you need more than this, we can provide them for a small cost. If you're unable to agree and decide that you'd rather go to court, you can stop the process at any time and will not be required to pay anything further.