Lumi is a robot that helps amicable couples to separate and divorce in a way that is positive, fair and legally finalised.

Strictly limited to early access users, saving $300.

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Learn what you need to know

Have a confidential conversation with Lumi on your phone, tablet or laptop about your situation. No appointment, no parking, no waiting.

Walk through everything that's important to an amicable separation. From sorting out parenting and understanding your ex-partner’s perspective, to dividing your assets and the rules around married and de facto relationships.

Find a clear way forward

Lumi will lay out the steps for you with a personalised plan to take you from where you are now to an amicable, legally finalised separation.

Get help with anything from refinancing a house to sorting out your superannuation from our supporting partners.

Work through everything together

Lumi can reach out to your ex-partner to get them onboard.

Work through a shared plan together, seeing your progress as you move forward.

Get things done using the resources and templates. You can also access mediators and lawyers to help you come to an amicable outcome if you need them.

Strictly limited to early access users, saving $300.