Adieu enables family lawyers to progress matters with less effort and provide a compelling client experience.

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Finalise the pool and disclosure sooner

Use simple, visual tools to establish a pool and get it settled. Work independently in a more traditional approach, or in collaboration with the other side to really move things along.

Enhance your own analysis with AI-powered pool analytics. Spot patterns, reveal needs and contributions, and find undisclosed accounts. Stay on the front foot and offer your clients more with less effort.

Explore options and find solutions visually with your clients

Work through options rapidly to find solutions. Use real-time feedback on asset divisions and cashflow impacts to create proposals that work for your clients.

Communicate options visually with your clients to make them feel empowered and demonstrate your value.

Negotiate to outcomes with the Consensus Engine

Move negotiations forward using real-time feedback from the Consensus Engine to help establish a zone of possible agreement and reveal ways forward.

Have the option to mediate virtually using an expert mediator and the Consensus Engine to get clients to agreements within the advice.

Engage self-represented parties

Reduce the hassle of dealing with self-represented parties by engaging with them using Adieu. They can use the tools to provide what you need to get the pool settled, access independent legal advice through the platform, and participate in virtual mediation - all at an accessible fixed cost that helps you to get things moving for your client.


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