THE JOY OF DISCLOSURE is an art project that parodies the sheer absurdity that family lawyers and paralegals face every day.

Each piece is presented as a meme in an American kitsch style, from the perspective of a happy but slightly demented family lawyer or paralegal who finds a perverse joy in the more dysfunctional aspects of financial disclosure.

I invite you to share your own disclosure pet hates on our LinkedIn article. Each will be added to both THE JOY OF DISCLOSURE art project where it will be lamented; and to our 1-Click Disclosure technology project where it will actually be solved.

'My clients' faces light up'

My client's faces just light up when I explain their disclosure obligations

'Upside down'

Upside-down documents are my favourite! It's like a little game of Tetris.

'All we needed and more'

No, thank YOU! That photo of an ATM receipt you sent through had all we needed and more.


Ah, my old friend IMG1375.jpg. I can't wait to see what surprise you hold for me today!


Will the client's documents be delivered in a plastic bag or a shoebox...? YESSS! SHOEBOX!

'Bank statement burrito'

Client annotations... Let's throw some salsa on that bank statement burrito!

'My passion'

What drew me to family law? My passion for gathering disclosure documents of course.

'Our clients just love it!'

Our clients just love it when we chase them for their disclosure documents!

'As soon as I ask them'

Thankfully my clients send me their disclosure documents in a single email as soon as I ask them

'Deeply rewarding'

It can be deeply rewarding to manually order and rename bank statements

'Mystery thriller'

When I'm removing my client's annotations from their bank statements, I like to pretend I'm editing a mystery thriller!

'Wiling away afternoons'

I'll miss wiling away afternoons scanning bank statements

We want to hear about your own disclosure pet hate on LinkedIn

Not only will we make sure it finds its place here in THE JOY OF DISCLOSURE, we'll also add it as a problem to be solved in our ground-breaking 1-Click Disclosure project.