How It Works

Adieu brings human experts and intelligent technology together to give amicable couples everything they need to agree and legally finalise financial and parenting agreements with confidence. Everything happens over video and takes as little as 4 weeks.

1.Work out your goals and agree on a timeline

Week 1 Joint session Individual session
  • Together with an unbiased mediator, agree on a timeline and what’s most important to you coming out of your separation.
Agreed plan and timeline

Align on parenting*

*If you have dependent children Week 2 Joint session
  • Work through everything you'll need to consider when it comes to caring for the children, with the help of an expert in child-focused mediation.
  • Create a parenting plan to make sure you’re on exactly the same page, regardless of what may happen going forward.
Signed parenting plan

2. Benefit from legal advice on where you stand from 3 lawyers

Week 2-3 Individual session
  • Use our smart tools to agree on what you’ve got and what it’s worth. Your accountant or financial adviser can also help you do this.
  • Select a lawyer each from our panel. You’ll send them a brief with the click of a button and they’ll talk you through where you stand in regards to the law and give you a sense of what your best and worst case scenario could look like.
  • A third lawyer will also look at your situation and provide an independent view.
Agreed property pool Legal advice

3. Explore your options and agree on a financial settlement

Week 4 Joint session Individual session
  • Instead of having to ’negotiate’ with your ex-partner, you each individually explore your options on your own using simple, intelligent tools and the support of your accountant or financial adviser.
  • Get real-time feedback on how fair and feasible each option is. This takes the advice of the 3 lawyers into account, and works out how well the option will work financially.
  • You then both come together with your mediator to create a final agreement by simply moving things around on a touchscreen. Your accountant or financial adviser helps you with tax and financial implications.
Financial agreement

4. Finalise everything legally

Week 5 Individual session
  • Everything you’ve agreed is written up as consent orders by a lawyer and sanctioned by the court, so you can move forward with confidence.
  • If you were married, we then also walk you through the online divorce application.
  • Your accountant or financial adviser helps you to implement your agreement.
Consent orders Divorce application

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