How Adieu works for lawyers

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1. The parties agree on their goals and timeline

Clients, lawyers & mediator
  • Together with their lawyers and an impartial mediator, the parties agree on a timeline, the values of the process and what’s most important to them coming out of the separation.
Agreed plan and timeline

2. Establish the property pool

Clients, lawyers, accountant, financial adviser
  • You help your client establish their property pool, incomes, historical contributions and future needs.
  • Your client's accountant or financial adviser may also support you at this step.
  • The parties agree on all values before moving forward and a common brief is produced for all lawyers to work from.
Mutually agreed property pool

3. Provide your advice

Clients & lawyers
  • You talk your client through where they stand in regards to the law and provide a sense of what their best and worst case scenario could look like. A third lawyer also looks at the situation and provides an impartial view.
  • Each lawyer’s advice is confidentially processed by the CONCUR ENGINE to inform it's guidance in the next step.
Legal advice

4. Help your client explore their options and agree on a financial settlement

Clients, mediator, lawyers, accountant, financial adviser
  • You use the CONCUR ENGINE in a private session with your client, the mediator and optionally their accountant or financial adviser. The team helps your client to explore their options using simple, visual tools. You review the options with your client and advise them accordingly.
  • You then support your client in their joint mediation, which happens over video. The mediator uses CONCUR ENGINE to provide real-time feedback on fairness and feasibility based on the advice of all of the lawyers and the cashflows implications of each option.
  • Your client's accountant or financial advisor may also beam in to provide their final advice. A heads of agreement is written up by the mediator and signed by the parties.
Financial agreement Legal advice Tax advice Financial advice

5. Draft orders

Clients, mediator, lawyers, accountant, financial adviser
  • We hand the signed heads of agreement across to you for drafting and finalisation.
Consent orders

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