How Adieu works for accountants and financial advisers

You provide the advice your clients depend on you for. An independent expert mediator works with you over video for everything else.

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1. Your clients agree on their goals and timeline

Clients & coach
  • Together with you and an impartial mediator, your clients agree on a timeline and what’s most important to them coming out of the separation.
Agreed plan and timeline

2. You help them establish their financial position

Clients & Accountant
  • You assist clients with establishing their property pool, incomes, historical contributions and future financial needs.
  • You may provide economic valuations of the business and business assets.
  • Your clients agree on all values before moving forward.
Mutually agreed property pool

3. Each client gets independent legal advice

Clients & lawyers
  • Each client selects a lawyer from our panel. Their lawyer then talks them through where they stand in regards to the law and provides a sense of what their best and worst case scenario could look like. A third lawyer also looks at the situation and provides an impartial view.
  • Each lawyer’s advice is processed by the CONCUR ENGINE to inform it's guidance in the next step.
Legal advice

4. You help your clients explore their options and agree on a financial settlement

Clients, coach, accountant, financial adviser, lawyers
  • You start by using the CONCUR ENGINE on your own to explore the options and where they sit according to the legal advice. You can then start considering your advice on tax, CGT, structural and other financial implications.
  • Working with each client individually alongside the mediator, you help them explore their options using simple, visual tools in the CONCUR ENGINE and providing your expert advice.
  • Finally, you support your clients as they come together for their joint mediation. CONCUR's real-time feedback keeps the conversation moving in the right direction, alongside your support and advice on options to get to a final agreement.
Financial agreement Legal advice Tax advice Financial advice

5. Everything is legally finalised

Clients, coach, accountant, financial adviser, lawyers
  • Your clients' agreement is written up as an application for consent orders by a lawyer and submitted to the court.
  • If your clients are married, we also finalise their divorce application.
  • You assist your clients in implementing their agreement with restructuring, superannuation splits, reporting capital gains, maximising concessions and financial planning services going forward.
Consent orders Divorce application

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