For clients

Adieu helps you divorce amicably with confidence by visualising everything and telling you what’s fair.

Adieu is a human answer to a human challenge: how do we best move forward with our lives? It includes everything you need to agree on and then legally finalise financial and parenting agreements: an independent mediator, a lawyer each; there’s even a third independent lawyer. Everything happens over video and can be done in weeks. See how it works.

Adieu is even better with an adviser.

Working with someone who you already trust is a huge advantage. Your financial adviser or accountant can also help you get your financial position together, agree on asset values, work out tax and other financial implications and implement your agreement going forward. Talk to your adviser about using Adieu today; even if they’re not currently on Adieu, we can onboard them in a few hours.

Don’t have an adviser who can work with Adieu?

If you simply don’t have a trusted financial adviser or accountant but would like to use Adieu, we’re still taking direct clients for a limited time so just let us know that you’d like to use Adieu directly.