This could be one of the most valuable services you'll ever provide to a client as a broker.

The majority of Australians take 1-3 years to finalise a financial settlement after separation & divorce. Your clients can now do this in weeks, with your support, in a collaborative, pragmatic and legally-sound process.

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Get paid for your value.

Receive a fixed service fee of $1,000 in addition to your commission, for work that you may already be doing for free. Good brokers don’t just write finance, they educate their clients and help them to find solutions. People who are separating need to explore multiple options and understand what compromises are possible - and their broker can make a huge difference.

Finalise deals in weeks.

Get divorce agreements finalised in 4-6 weeks so finance can be completed.

Financial settlements tend to drag out. The majority take 1-3 years. By helping your client reach a court-submitted agreement in weeks, you can get the finance sorted out, and they can get on with their lives.

Be your clients' first port of call in their most difficult times.

You not only get better outcomes for your clients and their families, you create the deepest personal relationships a broker can have.

The bulk of most brokers’ business comes through referrals from existing customers and word of mouth. Your clients won’t forget the difference you made when they needed you most.


We’re looking for proactive finance brokers who care about their client’s long-term needs.