Adieu helps you save your clients from dumb choices when they divorce by allowing you to stay in control from start to finish.

Many accountants and financial planners are happy ticking boxes. But we understand that as a trusted adviser, you want to steer your clients through their hardest times.

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Provide new services around divorce, retain both clients and win new ones

We provide you a base service with everything your clients need to find and legally formalise a financial agreement - mediator, lawyers, documents, submission to the court - everything. We charge a simple fixed-price so you can create your own service on top. You set your total price based on your unique value proposition and relationship with your clients. You can provide your clients the basics, a premium full-service offering or anything in-between.

And because this is a collaborative process, you can now work with and retain both clients. You can even use your new capability to win new clients and take them forward into their separate lives.

Use the world’s first consensus accelerator alongside your professional advice

The majority of divorcing couples in Australia take 1-3 years to finalise their property settlement. This takes a huge toll on their financial and emotional wellbeing.

With Adieu's CONCUR ENGINE and your professional advice, your clients can find a fair and legally finalised way forward in days. CONCUR ENGINE is a consensus accelerator which uses artificial intelligence and input from human experts to enable people to come to agreements in timeframes that have never before been possible.

Learn more about how you and your clients can use our CONCUR ENGINE as part of the Adieu system.

Cancel the taxi, we'll beam you in

The adieu system works over cutting-edge video technology, so everything happens from wherever in the world your clients are most comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether that’s your boardroom, their couch or even the beach.

No court rooms, lawyer's offices or parking tickets. What a relief.


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