The Mission

We’re here to make positive, fair, legally-sound separation and divorce an option for all Australians.

We founded adieu on the belief that most people want to separate and divorce in a way that is respectful and fair – but just need the tools and support to make it possible. We’re combining artificial intelligence and common sense to make the separation experience better in every way; and in doing so, making the lives of millions of people a whole lot better.

We are lawyers, designers, mediators, technologists, coaches and accountants who are changing the way humans resolve conflict.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Focusing on the needs of our kids ahead of our own concerns,
  • The best outcome for everyone involved rather than winners and losers,
  • Being our best and acting with honesty and respect rather than giving into our fears,
  • Maintaining an ongoing working relationship rather than completing a legal transaction,
  • Creating solutions together rather than letting others determine our future.

The Team

We’re a collective of professionals who has each been successful in our own field and brings a unique perspective to this problem.

Andrew CEO & Co-founder

Andrew is a multi-award winning designer who has spent over 15 years working in innovation. His career has been split between London, Sydney and Brisbane where he’s focused on transformation projects for some of the world’s biggest and most interesting organisations including Barclays, Barclaycard, Deutsche Bank and Toyota.

He’s also an accredited mediator and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Bill COO & Co-founder

Bill is a mediator, arbitrator and accountant with 25 years experience providing accounting support for divorce litigation, dispute resolution and negotiation.

Bill is a published divorce and separation thought leader and a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

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