1-Click Disclosure gets your client’s key financial disclosure information automatically

Get tax returns, super, bank statements and valuations in hours. No more waiting on the client.

Getting these out of clients used to be like pulling teeth. Now values and source documents automatically appear on your dashboard within 3 days. Organised, indexed and ready to provide to the other side with 1-Click.

No cost to lawyers

A simple $300 fixed fee is passed on as a disbursement which is affordable to all of your clients. A better option for you, a better option for your clients.

Almost no effort for you or your clients

Your client simply provides us with a temporary authority and a read-only bank connection. This can be done in less than a minute from any device.

Provide everything to the other side with 1-Click

Whether you currently use email, dropbox or post a usb stick or paper through old-fashioned snail mail, sharing documents is painful. Generate everything in 1-Click, with documents securely auto-shared with anyone you choose.


Start using 1-Click Disclosure now