How 1-Click Disclosure works

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

1-Click Disclosure is free for lawyers. We charge a simple fixed fee of $300 (including GST) for clients, to make it accessible to every one of your clients.

How long does it take?

We like to deliver on the same day, but will guarantee to have disclosure information and documents available within 3 working days from your client providing us with their authority and bank connection.

Is this too good to be true?

No. But we’ll take that as a compliment.

What can you provide?

We provide 3 years of income tax returns and assessments, superannuation accounts and reported balances, 12 months of bank statements and details and value estimates for real estate and vehicles. In other words, the key disclosure documents required for most people, and the ones that are usually the hardest to get.

What about business information?

We can provide tax returns, Business Activity Statements, bank statements, ATO account balance, an ABN search, and a company director and shareholders search for each company. We charge $200 per entity or $100 per sole trader, and - like everything else - it appears on your dashboard in hours. Perfect for your clients with small businesses.

Get you get information for the other side?

Yes - with their consent of course. 1-Click Disclosure is twice as good when both sides use it. Bear in mind that 1-Click Disclosure is designed to enable clients to willingly meet their disclosure obligations; it is delivered as a direct engagement with the client, with their full authority and consent. It can’t get private information on the other side without their consent. We created this as something for clients to use by choice - not as a forensic tool to unearth hidden assets from those not doing the right thing.

How and when does my client pay?

Our agreement with the client includes their authorisation for you to pay our invoice on receipt, charged to them as a disbursement for their matter. This makes it really easy for both you and them to get 1-Click Disclosure underway - and a no-brainer at $300.

How do I get set up?

Just type in your details, set a password and you’re done.

We designed 1-Click Disclosure to have a tiny footprint, so there are no licences, no credit cards, no training, no servers, or any of the other things that usually make adopting new technology so painful for legal firms. You can decide to use it right now, and have your first disclosure requested in less time than it will take you to read the rest of these FAQs.

How do I request my first disclosure?

Log in to your dashboard and press the big orange button that says ‘Request Disclosure’, type in a few basic details for your client and everything else happens automagically.

How much training is required for my staff?

Zero. We designed it that way. Our mantra for 1-Click Disclosure is “magically simple”. Having said that, if you do need any help we have a live chat available right within the app and can usually answer your questions in real time.

Can I update the information at a later point in time?

Yes. Not only can you add and update items yourself as needed, but we’ll soon be launching the ability to refresh balances and documents automatically with a single click, as many times as you need to.

What does the client see?

The client can view their data and documents in real time, on any device.

Is this secure?

Absolutely. Our bank statement technology is built on Illion’s BankStatements platform, which is used by thousands of lenders and brokers. Data is protected with bank level 256-bit encryption, secured by 2048-bit keys and only provided to Adieu. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data storage and identity and access management, on servers located in Australia. AWS complies with ISO 27018, a code of practice that focuses on protection of personal data in the cloud.

Where is data stored?

Our data storage is exclusively provided via servers located within Australia and is not disclosed to overseas recipients.

What about the client’s privacy?

1-Click Disclosure complies with the Australian Privacy Principles in how we collect, use and disclose personal information. The APPs are the cornerstone of the privacy protection framework in the Privacy Act 1988. We only disclose information to the client and - with their written authorisation - their lawyer, for the purpose of providing an exceptional experience in meeting their disclosure obligations. We never share, sell or use a client's information in any other way that would benefit us and not them.

You may also like to take a look at our privacy policy.

How long do you retain documents for?

We only retain documents for the life of the matter, in order to provide our service. At the conclusion of the matter, we permanently destroy any documents we hold, in compliance with APESB standards for public accounting practices for non-complex, compilation services.

What is my risk as a lawyer?

1-Click Disclosure is a service provided directly to our mutual client by us (Adieu Accounting ABN 17 621 100 034), with a written and signed engagement between them and us, in the capacity of a public accounting firm. Unlike service providers who may provide services directly to you as a lawyer (and whose work and security you may be liable for), we are a fellow professional to whom you merely make referrals.

Our professional obligation is to our mutual client, not to you as a lawyer. Anything we share with you is done so on behalf of our client, with their written instruction, which they may revoke at any time. The work we do for our client is governed by our own professional regulations, covered by our own insurance (including cyber-insurance covering cyber-attacks, privacy breaches, system damage, computer virus & hacking, extortion, privacy fines, loss mitigation & reward cover), and is unrelated to your own obligations to your clients or your liability for the services you may provide for them. You can read more about your use of the platform as a lawyer in our terms.

Who is Adieu?

We are a social enterprise that helps separating families find their best way forward. We provide both pro bono and profit-for-purpose services to create sustainable, scalable and purposeful change.

We were named Innovator of the Year in the 2020 Australian Accounting Awards and were winners of the ALMPA/LexisNexis Thought Leadership Award. We're recipients of the Impact Investing Australia Growth Grant, the Federal Government’s Accelerating Commercialisation Grant and the Queensland Government’s Ignite Innovation Fund. We’ve been featured by Lawyers Weekly, ABC Radio, Nine News, Today Extra, The Courier Mail and The Sunday Mail.

Adieu is currently the focus of a research project with the University of Newcastle, led by Professor Tania Sourdin, Dean of Law and Foundation Chair and Director Australian Centre for Justice Innovation.

What inspired you to build this?

The sheer absurdity that family lawyers and paralegals face every day when dealing with financial disclosure. We've even created an art project called THE JOY OF DISCLOSURE that parodies it. If it feels a little close to home, you should probably start using 1-Click Disclosure.