Agree pools, explore options and reach better divorce property settlements using empowering technology.

Adieu enables family lawyers to progress matters with less effort and provide a compelling client experience

Use simple, visual tools to get the pool settled, explore options, find solutions and create proposals. Engage clients with real-time feedback and AI-based insights.

If you’re separating and don’t have a lawyer, we can also offer simple, accessible ways forward

Use the world’s first AI separation guide to find a way forward in 10 minutes. Or finalise things in 4 weeks from anywhere with an impartial mediator, our award-winning Consensus Engine and independent legal advice from collaboratively-minded lawyers.

An adieu is an elegant parting

We founded Adieu on a single core idea: to illuminate a way forward. To reveal collaborative, positive and legally-sound ways forward when relationships breakdown, so you can get on with your life sooner.