adieu empowers you to divorce amicably and legally finalise your property settlement and parenting.

Find and legally formalise what’s best for both of you using intelligent technology and expert human support

Move forward now by having your separation or divorce facilitated by an impartial expert as a complete collaborative process from start to finish, including support from lawyers to help know where you stand and make your property settlement legally binding.

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Or make a start on your own with Lumi, the world’s first separation and divorce robot

Lumi will guide you through a confidential conversation and then create you a positive plan forward with the steps and resources you and your ex-partner will need to start working through things on your own.

Free right now for a limited number of early access users.

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We're here to change the separation experience for millions of Australians

We founded adieu on the belief that most people want to separate and divorce in a way that is respectful and fair - but just need the tools and support to make it possible.